Las Vegas’ Most Instagram-Worthy Food Items to Fill Your Feed.

Las Vegas is quickly becoming a crazed “foodie” town with some pretty impressive “foodporn” worthy dishes to satisfy every Instgrammer’s and blogger’s food feed on social media. From wild hotdogs to cool treats, here’s our list of Las Vegas’ most Instagram-worthy food items. #DoItForTheGram

Tail & Fin – Pineapple Poké Bowl

Yes, thats a poké bowl inside of half of a pineapple. Why? Why not? The sweetness and tartness give the sushi rice an awesome and subtle burst of flavor.

Recess Italian Ice & Desserts – Bear Cake Cones

Not only are these bear cake cones beyond cute, they’re actually very tasty. Crisp on the outside and warm and chewy on the inside.

Stripchezze – Mac n Cheese egg rolls with Kimchi sauce

They taste just as good as they look.

Big B’s Texas BBQ – Ultimate BBQ Sandwich

Loaded with smoked Tri-tip, pulled pork, spicy sausage, Texas Slaw and two types of BBQ sauce, this sandwich may be the king of all sandwiches in Las Vegas.

Jaburritos – Sushi Cupcakes


TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar – Churro Waffle Macchiato

It’s a macchiato topped with a churro waffle for when you want to take basic to the next level.

Dirt Dog – Elote Dog

If you love elote, this dog will blow your mind. And pretty much everything else at Dirt Dog.

Jjanga – Sushi Burgers

“Do it for the ‘gram” they said. “It’ll be fun” they said. How high can you stack them?

Amore Taste of Chicago – Deep Fried Mozzarella

Everyone knows they make some of the best Chicago pizza, but the real secret is their deep fried mozzarella. Trust.

Sake Rok – Honey Toast

This honey toast kicked your honey toast’s ass. True story.

Donut Bar – Churro Ice Cream Cone

Donut Bar is known for their crazy donuts, but the churro ice cream cone is next level.

QQ Tea Plus – Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly Pea Tea is the beautiful purple and blue tea and when mixed with citrus such as orange juice or lemon juice, the colors go wild!

Paina Cafe – Mochi Pancakes with Ube Custard

Paina Cafe serves up mochi pancakes with ube custard during their weekly brunch. If “likes” are what you’re after, likes you shall receive.

Todd English P.U.B – Bloody Mary

All we can say is “good luck.”

YuXiang Korean Chinese Cuisine – Anything wth Noodles

Noodle pulls on Noodle pulls. You’re welcome.

CJ’s Italian Ice & Custard – Apple Pie Martini

Apple Italian ice topped with vanilla custard and caramel served in a martini glass. Only in Vegas.

Ice Land – Hot Cheeto Rolled Ice Cream

Don’t knock it ’til you try it.




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