Where to Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day 2017.

Hearthstone National Chicken Wing Day

If you love chicken wings (and who doesn’t?) then today is your day! July 29th is National Chicken Wing Day and whether you like them classic, rubbed or fusion….we got your back. Here’s our list of some killer spots to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day. Let’s wing it!


Lillie’s Q in Chicago, serves up unreal BBQ smoked wings with a variety of house-made sauces sure to cure your wing cravings.

When in NYC, there’s no better spot than the infamous Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken to scarf anything and everything CHICKEN. These wings are bomb.com/crispyAF.

Call your Wing Team! It’s going down at Hot Sauce and Panko To Go in San Francisco. There’s no sit-down tables here and they hand-coat all the wings in super small batches. When they sell out, they close. Pretty simple.

If you serve wings and have “wing” anywhere in your name, you better serve damn-good wings. Thankfully, Wingman Kitchen in the 4th Street Market in Downtown Santa Ana kills it. Everyone needs a good wing man.

For National Chicken Wing Day, Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar in Las Vegas is doing $10 BOTTOMLESS WINGS all night. Yes, you read that correctly. Wet wipes included.

If we’re talkin’ Buffalo Wings, which is where they originated, Naked City Pizza kills the wing game. They specialize in Buffalo-style grub and serve some of the best pizza and wings in Las Vegas.

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  • Reply August 11, 2017

    Jeff Collins

    I love Naked City Pizza for sure, haven’t tried their chicken yet, but all about their pizza! Thanks for the recommendations! I know I’ll be needing the gym right after National Chicken Wing Day! http://www.isweat.vegas

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