Sushi Cupcakes Have Arrived and Everyone is About to go Nuts.

Sushi Cupcakes Jaburritos

We’ve all seen sushi burritos and the recent internet craze over the sushi donut. Well, now we can officially say that sushi cupcakes are a thing. Jaburritos, located in Las Vegas makes (not bakes, lol) these delicious little bites and they even come in a cute cupcake box. Be prepared, internet. You’ll be seeing these everywhere.

These “cupcakes” are made with your favorite sushi flavors by using a crispy wonton as the cupcake “paper” and layering it with sushi rice and fresh sushi toppings galore. These are sure to go viral and have sushi lovers everywhere in a trance.

Sushi Cupcakes Jaburritos Las Vegas


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