Get a Look at this Flaming Cheese Wheel Pasta Served Table-Side.

Salute Trattoria Italiana in Las Vegas serves a pasta that is flambeed table-side in an entire wheel of cheese. (Thank you, Cheezus.) But how do they do it?

They first start out by wheeling the full (and heavy) hollowed out wheel of Parmesan or Pecorino to your table. Then, the server will pour in a shot (or two) of vodka and ignite it. As the flame and vodka burn off, the cheese begins to melt leaving a small pool of freshly melted cheese. Finally, the pasta is added and mixed together with the melted cheese from the actual wheel creating a magical and visual cheesy plate of pasta. It is then served table-side from the cheese wheel and of course, topped with more freshly grated cheese.

Salute’s “Signature Pasta” rotates every few months with different sauces and house-made noodles. This is a must get dish when dining. Trust us.

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