Where to Celebrate National French Fry Day.

Today is National French Fry Day and spots are dishing out french fry concoctions non-stop. From classic fries to crazy creations, here’s our list of spots to grab some carb sticks and celebrate National French Fry Day in style.

Grab a Carb Cutie by the hand and hold on tight. These fries ain’t messin’ around. Pig Pen Delicacy in OC has your carb fix when you need it.

More fries. More life. Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken in NYC has the fry game on lock.

If you’re in the Bay Area and don’t make a stop by Koja Kitchen, please slap yourself.

There’s only one word than describe these loaded fries from Buldogi’s in Las Vegas….YES!!

These Kimchi fries from Chi’lantro BBQ in Austin got us feelin’ some type of way.


No Fry list is complete without an addiction from Lolita’s Taco Shop in SD. These surf n turf fries are the truth.

Yes, Portillo’s in Chicago is known for their hot dogs, but their infamous crinkle cuts with cheese sauce are beyond worth it.

To Fry? Or nor to Fry? That is the question. When garlic parmesan fries are an option, you should always upgrade.

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