Celebrate the Fourth of July with these Festive Eats and Drinks.

Themed eats are becoming a “thing”, especially on social media. Spots are now creating different themed items to correlate with holidays with matching colors and item names to go with them. What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with fun, themed food items packed with red, white and blue. Here’s our list of festive-themed eats and drinks to celebrate this Fourth of July.

Red, White and Blue ice cream inside of a warm donut? Is there anything more American?

I see you, Baby. Shakin’ that azz. We’re almost certain you can add booze to these massive FREEDOM-themed shakes from Sugar Factory in Las Vegas.

God Bless America and layered milk teas. #Freedom

The caption game is mighty with this one. #merica

On a scale of 1 to America……How free are you tonight?

Birthday Cake custard on Red Velvet Taiyaki? Only in America……….and maybe Japan.

I. LITERALLY. CAN’T. EVEN. The game has been changed.

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