Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Opens in O.C. Serving “Overrated Pastries.”

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has opened up shop in Orange County at Union Market in Tustin. Chances are, you’ve seen images from the Holmes on Instagram with many foodies and patrons snapping flicks in front of their quirky neon signs. “I Got Baked in San Francisco” lol, yeah. That’s the one. Mr. Holmes also pulled off one of the most epic troll moves of all time by labeling their pastries as “overrated” on some of their to-go boxes and marketing materials due to numerous Yelp “reviews” saying they were nothing but “overrated pastries.”

We seem to think differently. Mr. Holmes serves up phenomenal pastries, donuts and the “Cruffin.” It’s a half muffin and half croissant hybrid and is a main staple for keeping a line of patrons every day. So, if you live in O.C., you can now get “baked” and enjoy some of the most “overrated” aka delicious pastries around. Get at it, Holmes. 2493 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse O.C. Tustin Pastries

Instagram @paulsfoodhaul as well as cover photo.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse O.C. Pastries

Instagram @mr.cheam

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