Get Buzzed with these Boozy Milkshakes from Holsteins in Las Vegas

Holsteins Shakes and Buns has introduced their boozy milkshakes infused with crazy ingredients, booze and toppings galore. When in Las Vegas, a must stop destination has to be The Cosmopolitan to get fat and faded at the same time off the “Bam Boozled” milkshakes at Holsteins. #goals

Boozy Milkshakes Holsteins Las Vegas

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Bam Boozled BOOZY MilkShake Holsteins Las Vegas

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Pumpkin Pie Boozy Milkshake Holsteins

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Holsteins takes it to another level with these shakes. Everyone knows they can throw down with the burger game, but they’re killing it with their boozy shakes. The seasonal Pumpkin Pie shake has a pumpkin spice blend of vanilla ice cream, pumpkin vodka, pumpkin pie filling and graham crackers. It’s topped with whipped cream, a candy corn rim, vanilla frosting and a slice of pumpkin pie!!! Time to get wasted.

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