Life is Beautiful 2016 Sneak Peek

Life is Beautiful is just one day away and the whole city and beyond is going crazy with anticipation. In it’s fourth year and first with hometown boys, Weniger and Doherty completely at the the helm, this year looks like it’s shaping to be the biggest and best yet. Of course the musical lineup is at the forefront, but this festival is bigger than just music. Its about art, culture, people, music, creation, creativity, memories and most of all, it’s for the City. A chance to show the world the real Las Vegas. Here’s a quick sneak peek at some of the crazy art, food and more that makes this festival beautiful. Welcome home. DTLV.

Big Rig Jig

big rig jig life is beautiful dtlv

Instagram @phyliciamiddleton

Mike Ross’s “Big Rig Jig” is now on display in DTLV. It’s 60ft tall and was originally built in 2007 for Burning Man.

Yuki Shaved Snow


Instagram @unlokt

Yuki Shaved Snow is bringing their Donut Ice Cream sandwich to LIB. Donuts. Ice Cream. Cereal. Count us in!!

The Emperor has No Balls

The emperor has no balls dtlv

Instagram @zosquatch

Local art activist crew, Indecline is “Off Probation and back in Business.” The recently internet breaking art installment statues popped up across the country in August and there’s one now in DTLV, thanks to Indecline. #locallove

Cousins Maine Lobster

cousins maine lobster roll life is beautiful

Instagram @vegasdining

I see you, baby. Shakin’ that tail. Cousins Maine Lobster from famed show, “Shark Tank” will be servin’ up their killer lobster rolls. #butta

Shorty (Wu)

Mark Drew Shorty Wu Life is Beautiful

Instagram @justkidsofficial @eltipoese

The art installments at LIB 2016 are something to be appreciated. Tokyo based artist, Mark Drew and his famous “Peanuts” themed murals labeled “Deez Nuts”, will be on display. The art depicts “Peanuts” characters with 90’s rap lyrics on them and they are hilarious. #WuTangisfortheKIDS

Donut Bar

Donut Bar DTLV Life is Beautiful

Instagram @unlokt

Donut Bar in DTLV will be on site slanging LIB themed and logo donuts to all the festival goers. Because your LIB experience isn’t complete without an official LIB Donut, brah.

Shepard Fairey


Instagram @jonathanfurlong

The #ObeyGiant himself, Shepard Fairey did one of the most anticipated murals of the festival. “Be a Maker. Not a Taker.” Hopefully this one gets left up. #respect

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