National Fried Chicken Day is Real and Here is Where You Can Grub.

July 6th is National Fried Chicken Day and it’s a day loved by every American. We don’t know if we’ve ever met someone that doesn’t love good fried chicken. From crazy sandwiches to specialty rubbed wings and drums, here’s our picks on where to grub on this national holiday.

If you can handle the line (it’s always long), but so worth it.

Nothing screams, “I’m here to celebrate” like some sticky icky.

Get everything in this picture. Drench it in the Wasabi honey. Thank us later.

The Roost Carolina Kitchen where the biscuits are buttered and the chicken is fried. Say no more.

Nashville Hot Buttermilk fried chicken is all the rage. Let’s get spicy!

Saucin', saucin', I'm saucin' on you! πŸ“·: Fried chicken and deviled eggs

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Don’t smoke crack. Eat crack. Say hello to Mr. Sauce Boss, himself.

When visiting Austin, this spot is a must. With an extra side of #respek.

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