7 Donut Shops to Try Right Now in Vegas

Who doesn’t love a good donut? From classics to crazy creations, singles to the infamous “box-o-dozen”, We give you 7 of the best spots to grab a donut or doughnut……or whatever the kids call them these days.

1. Pawn Donut and Coffee

Pawn Donut & Coffee


Get a little DTLV love at this donut shop. They feature classics as well as some funky creations like their “Samoa” Girl Scout coconut and caramel cookie flavor as well as the “Matcha” green tea donut.725 S Las Vegas Blvd #120, Las Vegas, NV 89101 www.pawndonutandcoffee.com 702.473.9577

2. Ronald’s Donuts

Ronalds Donuts

Old school classics are the theme at this local staple. Glazed, maple bars, chocolate, jelly filled and apple fritters just to name a few. They also have vegas options, too. If you’re into that kind of stuff. 4600 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.873.1032

3. Coco Donuts

coco donuts

Coco Donuts dishes out fresh, handmade donuts daily for every type of “Dough Snob”. Classics, specialty, fancy and their “Dough’sants”. The Raspberry Icing Dough’sant is the real-deal. 10040 W Cheyenne Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89129 www.cocodonutsvegas.com 702.562.2626

 4. Donut Mania
Donut Mania


You have your choice of over 40 different types of classic and gourmet creations at Donut Mania. Some of the most popular are the PB&J, Nevadan, Oreo Cheesecake and Cherries Jubilee. 4460 S Durango Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89147 www.donutmanialv.com 702.227.6267

5. Glaze Doughnuts

glaze doughnuts


I’m just going to leave this right here. Green Tea with Pistachios. Red Velvet Cream Cheese. Taro with Toasted Coconut. Maple Bacon. Thank us later. 6545 S Fort Apache Rd #130, Las Vegas, NV 89148 glazedoughnutslv.com 702.246.2888

6. Al’s Donuts

Als donuts

Al’s has been around probably longer than you have. They’ve been baking up donuts since the ’70s in Vegas. They have over 100 different varieties and the Maple Bacon “Kronut” is the truth and one of the best in the city. 1220 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119 www.als-donuts.com 702.735.3039

7. Pink Box Doughnuts

pink box

When you see the pink box, you know it’s filled with some of the best doughnuts in the city. Try the “Fat Elvis”, “Campfire S’mores” and the “Date with a Nutty Pig”. 7531 W Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89128 www.pinkboxdoughnuts.com 702.478.7465

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